We'll let the public rate comedians...

I'm trying http:///
What it's about is rating comedians…
My Idea is:

I'll post a Pictures & Names of comedians - you click on it and rate the comic on how funny you think he/she is - pretty simple really.

Then you have a link to a ranking page.
This is about he American Experience of voting on who people think is best.
This is great. There are some comedians who I LOVE but there are others who are perceived as great by the Hollywood-know-it-alls but IMHO they really SUCK.

Here at we'll let the public decide.

Coming soon…
I'm going to give you - the public a chance to rate comedians as funny, not funny, or somewhere in between!
We'll collect data - mind you and show you rankings & trends. < > And if your favorite or Loathed comedian is not on the list…
We'll add him/her and collect info on them.

It's kinda cool we'll allow one vote per person per year and it will be positive or negative and we'll keep track from the beginning.