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Sealey Consulting Services
Welcome to SCS!

Lorem ipsum... SCS Engineers have the know how,scripting expertise, and knack to help you set up your telephony test environment to allow you to find new problems and reproduce issues of software/firmware deployed in the field.

Our hands-on approach will enable us to help you setup a world-class test bed in your lab. After the testbed setup, custom designed test scripts, call programs, and protocols can be developed to fit any specific call scenario.   Once these test scripts, call programs, and protocols are
completed, you will own them and your engineers can run them. SCS can even be utilized to provide in-depth training on the test methodologies. Once completed your Test Engineers will be able to run these tests completely unassisted.
The test results are guaranteed to report no false errors and report only valid call failures.
With this type of test bed and test methodology your company will profit by finding problems earlier in software/firmware development cycle. Finding problems earlier is significantly less expensive and will also allow for faster time to market. In addition, the higher firmware/software quality will pay huge dividends by way of your company's reputation for producing quality and robust products!
Here's an example of some of the projects SCS Engineers have accomplished
  • Developed all voice stability scripts and methodology for new product certification of CM/eMTA's at Cisco CDBU
  • Developed all Voice Quality verification scripts and methodology for new product development of CM/eMTA's at Cisco CDBU
  • Developed all longevity scripts and methodology for VoIP certification of CM/eMTA's at the #2 U.S. MSO
  • Developed all scripts and methodology for all automated testing of the Voice Messaging platform at the #2 U.S. MSO
  • Been the Lead Test Engineer for every Business Class Phone project in VoIP QA for the U.S. #2 MSO
  • Been the lead Test Engineer for all Business Class Trunking (PRI on Fiber & PRI over DOCSIS) in VoIP QA at the #2 U.S. MSO
  • Developed Load & Longevity programs, scripts, & methodology for Amteva/Cisco/CMG/LogicaCMG uOne voice & video messaging
  • Awarded U.S Patent # 6,724,865 - Arrangement for measuring response times in a voice response system using a bulk call generator
  • Awarded U.S Patent # 7,822,815 - Unified messaging feature that plays greetings based on the received calling party number
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